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What months is the best time to go to Indonesia to enjoy the beach and relax?

Q. I've checked on the net it says - In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April (low season), and the dry season between May and September (high season). Don't know if this true. Please help.
actually, we are planning to stay in Ayodya Resort Bali. I've read a lot of positive feedback from this place. Is Bali far from Jakarta? I'll be coming from Jakarta. Thanks for the help.

A. Indonesia is a funny country and please do not expect too much about the beaches, even Bali now is very filthy, and Banda Naira, Ambon, North Sulawesi, even Bangka Island and some parts of Java do have excellent beaches, but...they have no facilities, and people will charge you too much and do not count on the seasons....Now, is very hot, in one place, in other places, will be funny, flood, and even riots and locals small wars...not safe...but you are always welcome, and...please bring companies, never come alone. Believe me!! Beware of their locals, women especially,...they will pretend that they will also coming from somewhere, and then you two will chit chat..and so on...and at the end, they will rip you off...so, please come with your groups and never get any involvement with them...I have lost some good people in life, because of them....

What are the the most popular beach destinations in the world?
Q. I'm planning to spend vacation in a beach, not sure yet where. Please suggest, thanks!

A. One of the most popular beach destinations in world is Bali Island. It has many great beaches such as Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran etc. If you have any plan to visit Bali. Try to look for your preferred accommodation in this website http://www.balivillaholidays.com/ The site provides wide selection of villas near beaches.

How can I find a chauffeur for my motorcycle?
Q. I'm a penguin so I'm not able to drive a motorcycle myself. I'm going to get a chopper with a sidecar and I need someone to drive me around.

A. We are New York City's largest and most available penguin transportation service.

We are recommended #1 by most veterinarians!

We'll take your penguin to the vet, get them zoomin' for a grooming, We can put your penguin on a plane to Bali, or drive them cross-country on a motorcycle to Cali (fornia, that is...)

We know that penguins are a beloved part of your family. And you won't settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family.

Let Penguin Chauffeur help you handle all types of penguin transport â when you don't have a vehicle available, for emergencies, transporting your penguin to shows, the groomer, the vet â even driving your penguin cross country on your own motorcycle!

With just a single phone call, a caring, qualified Penguin Chauffeur will escort your penguins wherever they need to go â with or without their owner. We can even schedule regular visits to bring your penguin to the groomer or vet's office â no more re-arranging your schedule or having to take a day off work.

Penguin Chauffeur provides safe transportation using vehicles equiped with crates and safety belt clips for your penguins.

Over 10 years experience in penguin business.
Affiliates all over the world
certification with the USDA and FAA
membership in IPATA
contracts with all the major airlines
12 motorcycles available
cross country transportation service
emergency service 24h
great deals for penguin food with free delivery in Manhattan
a full line of penguin supplies online

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