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How is the Traveling experience by train from Malaysia to singapore in day time?

Q. Aslo let me know the Emigration procedures in both ends and how we can go from Singapore Rly station to Orchard road?

A. Do you need to take a train from Malaysia to Singapore. There are many coach companies that can bring you in from Malaysia. I believe coach travelling are more comfortable than the train ride. As long as your passport is in order and you have filled in the necessary documentations, going through Immigration Check-points are relatively hassle-free.

If you are still taking the train, once you have disembarked from the train and checked out of Immigration, just catch a taxi to Orchard Road. It's the easiest and most convenient way.


How do I transport my dog safely from USA to Singapore?
Q. Which airlines have the best record? How can you prepare the dog to handle the confined space & the long journey? Can anyone give me any tips? My dog is a 12 year old labrador.

A. I also advise you check re any quarantine requirements by Singapore and perhaps any further health certificates , tattooing or microchipping or further vaccinactions your dog may need , also check with the airline re their requiements of what they consider is a safe crate for travel - check with your vet re health of your dog - what he may advise for long travel also as he is an dog older check to see he is fit enough for long travel and any stay in quarantine that may be required - It cost me quite a bit to take my dog and lots of preparation but it went well and my dog fared pretty well - I hope this may be the same for you .
I used an external water bottle attacthed to the crate for Hydration during a long voyage with electrolytes in the water - I have a safe toy -blankets and dry bed liner in the crate for the comfort of your dog -so
get in touch with the airlines get all details.
get in touch with Singapore re their quantine requirements and health certificates .
get in touch with your vet.
I contacted my quarantine department where I live and they gave me details of what was required by other countries and gave me contact numbers of overseas departments . you could try this too .
I think you will find that Singapore has a huge dog lovers contingent and a huge show interest -they have many many dog lovers that spend so much money on their dogs and spoil and care for their dogs so well and their pets are loved family members - do not be put off by some reports that your dog will be eaten - there are some places in asia that this happens and its so horrible - but its not all over the place- its not rampant they dont go stealing your pets off airline terminals for food !!
your dog is travelling with you and under the care of the airline they do not give your dog away for food - there a huge number of great shops that cater for pets over there and I think you will find what you need there in regards to food - health and welfare of your dog and tons of accessories .
Good Luck I hope all goes well .

How much does it cost for a 2 day stay in Singapore ?
Q. I am planning to travel in Singapore in a couple of days. I just want to set aside some budget to staying there. May I know the cost of transport to get around and food for a 2 days and 2 night stay? . My accomodation is already sponsored. I just wanted to know the minimal budget for food and transport??

A. Hi
there's a Singapore Tourist Pass you could buy for $8 per day. For that, you get unlimited travel on public transport, i.e. the MRT trains and buses. More info on that and other options here:


If you eat at the hawkers' centres, each meal is unlikely to cost you more than S$5-6 per person. For S$10-12 you could eat like a glutton (at hawkers' centres).

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