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What is the difference between "recreational activities" and "hobbies"?

Q. I'm filling out scholarship applications, and one question says "What are your favorite recreational activities?" and the next question says, "What are your hobbies?" I thought they were the same thing. What is the difference?

A. Recreational activities are active things like sports, travelling. Hobbies are like reading, collecting stamps, etc.

What things are permited when traveling with a baby by airplane?
Q. I am planning to go on a plane with my baby but i dont know what things I can take and cant. I dont want to take something and them tell me I cant.

A. See TSA website info for travelling with children below.

What career that require to travel overseas a lot and can get a lot of money ?
Q. I'm a student and I'm confuse about what career should I take for my future ! I want to travel all over the world and more important I could enjoy my life :) p/s hope you can give me a lot of suggestion !! Thanks !

A. the host of the travelling shows

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