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What career that require to travel overseas a lot and can get a lot of money ?

Q. I'm a student and I'm confuse about what career should I take for my future ! I want to travel all over the world and more important I could enjoy my life :) p/s hope you can give me a lot of suggestion !! Thanks !

A. the host of the travelling shows

What does it mean when a traffic light displays both the left green arrow and a solid green?
Q. No one has been clear with me. If the opposite light displays a solid green, then who has the right of way?
Just to clarify: I am a very responsible, very safe driver. This was my first accident, and the other party claimed that his light was green. I don't understand how that could be possible if my light was displaying a green arrow.

A. Well if a light is displaying a green left turn arrow and a solid green light that means that traffic in that lane has the right of way for either travelling straight or turning left. In this case the light for the traffic lane travelling in the opposite direction would be red. If it is green this means the lights are broken.

How do I bring my 12 month old daughters juice on an airplane?
Q. My 1 year old and I will be flying home for easter on Wednesday and I am not sure how to bring her juice on the plane with us. I have little 4oz bottles of juice that are not opened. Should I put them in a plastic bag in her diaper bag along, with an empty sippy cup, since the diaper bag is the only carry one I am bringing?

A. See site below for all info on travelling wth children.

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