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What age is the minimum to travel alone?

Q. My friend and I plan on traveling to the UK and Ireland after graduation. I'll be 18 and my friend 17. Will her being 17 be a problem?

A. to be on a safe side not travelling as a minor is better.
you can travel after you are both 18+.
try to have enough contacts at the destinations you are about to travel.

How many hours a week should I work as a grooming assistant at Petco?
Q. I would like to apply for a grooming assistant job at Petco and on the site I found the job at (Snagajob) is asking how many hours a week am I willing to work? And this would be my first (part-time) job and I live about 30 minutes away from the store. So how many hours should I choose?

A. Enough to make the travelling worthwhile so I'd say at least 9 hours

What is an important event that changed the way we lived today?
Q. It can be any event, but it has to be worldwide and something that really changed the way we continued to live.

A. 9/11 in USA.

Made travelling by air much more hassle.

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