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How do I buy an airplane ticket for a minor online?

Q. 16 year old. I need answers ASAP, because I'm leaving by car tonight and would like to have a sure way to return.

A. You have to call the airline
Airlines consider "minors" to be under the age of 12. With some airlines minor fare is 75% of adult fare and some airlines charge 100% adult fare. It varies completely by airline policy.

You have to buy an adult ticket which is a little more expensive, but they will never check for proof of age at the airport or on the plane. They only ask for ID and Passport when he checks in, to varify that he is who he claims to be and that he can legally leave the country.

continental airlines
Can I purchase the ticket online?
Yes, OnePass members may book a ticket for an Unaccompanied Minor online. Please see our Unaccompanied Minor policy for details.http://www.continental.com/web/en-us/content/help/flightsearch.aspx

Northwest Airlines

Your child will be expected to handle boarding, deplaning, and transfers to connecting gates on their own. Enrollment in Northwest Unaccompanied Minor program is mandatory for children ages 5 to 14. If you prefer your teenager, age 15 to 17, travel without supervision, please advise the reservation, ticket or travel agent at time of reservation and it will be noted in the reservation.

Remind your teenager never to leave the airport for any reason until they have reached their destination city. He or she should never seek help from or leave the airport with strangers.
Provide your teenager with instructions, phone contacts, and a small amount of money in the unlikely event their flight is missed, delayed, canceled or rerouted.
Most hotels will not accept young people who are not accompanied by an adult.
Remind your teenager that they can seek the assistance of any uniformed Northwest employee if they have questions, concerns or need reassurance.


American Express air miles card good for international flights ?
Q. I need a free ticket to go to Africa, Ghana, but so i am deciding whether to get a an credit card to earn points.
I But do those points go for international flights tooo?
I have lookd online and cant find an answer

A. Each transaction purchased made charging to your AMEX Card will Earn Membership Rewards First. This includes when you purchase your E-Ticket either On-Line or at the respective Carriers Ticketing Office Worldwide.

Current AMEX Card Promotion : Just purchase a full-fare First-Class or Business-Class ticket through Platinum Travel Service and you'll receive one complimentary ticket with the same itinerary as your own. Travel as often as you like between now and December 31, 2008 â there's no limit to the number of times you can receive a complimentary ticket.

I charged both my Airlines E-Ticket & AMEX Travel Insurance incidental charges to my AMEX Card..

What is the most efficient method to travel in between greek islands?
Q. I am going to Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. I am trying to find a cheap, efficient way to travel between the islands and to the mainland. Is there public transportation or ferries? Do I have to buy tickets from a private company? If so, any recommendation?

Thank you so much !
- How can i find information about the ferries. Thank you so much !

A. There are literally lots of ferries connecting every island and also connecting Athens with the islands.

You can buy most ferry tickets in travel agencies, own ferry agencies and without any problem the same day at the ferry itself (in their ticket offices in Pireas harbour)

Is not only cheap traveling Greek Islands with ferry, but also a wonderful experience.

Have a look at this website http://www.greekislandhopping.com

Only a recommendation is if you're going to Greece in August it should be advisable to book your ferry tickets and hotel in advance, but if not you still have plenty of chances to find a ticket and a hotel room.

I love Greece, I've been many times in Athens and many Greek Islands and I always did it with ferry. No problem at all, but wonderful sea and incredibly beautiful islands landscape instead. I'm already missing Greece... ÎαÏÏεÏÏ Ïην Îλλάδα

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