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What is the best Pacific island to visit to on a vacation, besides Hawaii?

Q. I have seen pictures of the Cook Islands and Tahiti, and I really want to travel there. but are there any other, nice islands?

A. In Indonesia they have the Island of Bali, where the volcano doesn't spill volcanic ash or hot magma but Nitrous Oxide that makes the inhabitants happy all the time.
Also in Indonesia go to the Island of Batam near by Sumatra, they have great underwater reefs that are very exotic and mesmerizing. The island of Sulawesi, you can go to Manado, they have great mountainous view and great food.
You can go to Tazmania of the east coast of Australia or You can go to New Zealand.
They all have great places to go.
Remember the Chronicles of Narnia? If you have seen the movie, it was taken in New Zealand.
So, go there; Hawaii is too over rated.

What is the best way to learning bahasa Indonesian?
Q. I am going to Indonesia for a business trip in two months. I'd like to speak some indonesian phrases and indonesian words when I am there. What is the best way to learning bahasa Indonesia? Are there any special courses for this? Thank you.

A. What part of Indonesia are you going? I've only been to Bali :)

I learn Indonesian at school so I can't recommend any "proper" courses I personally know of but you should be able to teach yourself quite a lot from the internet. I've been teaching myself Polish from the internet and I actually know quite a lot. Just google it.

This website - http://www.linguanaut.com/learn_indonesian.htm is free and has phrases, numbers, and all that stuff. You can also try http://www.learningindonesian.com/ which has mp3's to it if you want to here the sound of words. There is a free version and paid version, I think. You might want to check out some books on it, or see if there are any courses available near you.

Some simple phrases:
Hello/hi - Hai!
Good morning - Selamat pagi
How are you? - Apa kabar?
I'm good - Baik
And you? - Dan Anda/Kamu? (best to say Anda in formal situations - kamu if a friend)
Thanks - Terima kasih
No - Tidak
Yes -Ya
Please - Tolong
I don't understand - Saya tidak mengerti

Indonesian isn't too hard. There are no tenses or genders. I find the accent and sentence structure most difficult. For example 'my mother' is 'Ibu saya' which technically is 'mother my/I' but you get used to it. Hope this helped and good luck :)

Where is a good place to find heavy curtains?
Q. I work nights and sleep in the afternoon... just in time for the afternoon sun to shine directly into my apartment. Short of moving... there's little I can do right now to avoid it. How can I block out the sun??? My next step after ear plugs and a sleep mask is heavy curtains. But I really need to find some very nice curtains that will block out the sun and still look nice to match my decore in my apartment. Think elegant.
I have wooden blinds now but they are sooo not even close to being enough. ALSO I want ideas of places that are non-typical. I like unique things. If not I could just go to Target or Bed and Bath

A. okay luckily this is what i do for a living , first your best bet is a blackout celluar shade bali makes one called midnight it is custom made though so if you rent i would not chose this option (jcpenney and lowes and homedepot all carry this brand )if you rent kirsch makes a blackout roller shade it is 12 mm vinyl with a blackout layer between (jc penneys ) it can be cut to your size you will want to measure the outside measuement of your window including the frame so that you get full coverage and no light gaps (inside mount will create a light gap). get the scalloped edge. next for decorative puposes you will want to get a heavy curtain (i.e. a chenil or a microfiber) this will help it to be more decorative i would go with a chenil there is more options place the rod wider than the actual blind if you have a normal sized window 2 panels ,double window 4 panels and so on bring these curtains to the floor ( for an elegant look)normally 84 inches i would place them on a decorative rod (and no valances for a more tailored look ,plus it will easly move for you if you want them open . also add a pretty sheer croscill makes one called midnight mist it comes in soft muted colors and has a gold pinstipe running through it it is very pretty and elegant( jc penney ) you will need a second rod when fully closed blind and curtains you should have no light what so ever good luck :)

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