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What is the nicest preferably at least 4 star hotel to stay at in Sanfrancisco?

Q. Name some you've experienced and recommend or vice versa too,oh and best for the money too.

A. I'm kinda sick of chain hotels, so my recommendations are those boutique and special ones.

Hotel Monaco

The Palace

Hotel Palomar San Francisco

Hotel Vitale

San Francisco has so many great luxury hotels. You can also check:

What is a good and best service provider hotel in Panama City?
Q. In Panama what are the best hotels, which are situated at wonderful places and give all the services including great food..

A. Panama is a best place to visit and you will get nice services there including food. Some hotels situated at beach and it will be more enjoyable holiday than ever if you get a hotel room at like this area. Luxury hotels are also there so you can spend your days more gladly. In Panama you will get all the services and enjoy your days.

How much will it cost me to travel to Japan and stay for a week?
Q. After graduation, I plan on traveling to Japan with a friend. I was wondering what the individual cost will be.

A. This depends a lot on how thrifty you are, on your choice of accommodation, and how much travel you are planning to do.
Youth hostels range in price from $35 to $85 per night.
Hotels, ryokan(Japanese inns) can be more expensive.
Travel by Shinkansen(bullet train) is very expensive unless you have the 7-day JR Railpass.
You have to purchase an exchange voucher for this pass at an authorized travel agency such as JTB, then exchange this pass in Japan at a Midori No Madoguchi ticket office in Japan. These are located at pretty much every trainstation and major airport. The cost for a 7-day Ordinary pass is 28,700 yen.(about $269 US $)
The pass is good for the NEX train from Narita to Tokyo, all JR subways in Tokyo, all JR buses(except the one from Shin-Osaka to Tokushima because it uses toll bridges), all Shinkansen(except the Nozomi), all local JR trains, as well as the JR ferry to Miyajima.
I don't know what the airfare is from your city, but from Vancouver, Canada the fare was around $800 return.
In addition to that, you should plan on exchanging approx. $600 to Japanese yen. This will be plenty for meals and some souvenirs, and admission fees. Even if you run out of money, you can use your credit or debit card at a bankmachine at any postoffice or CitiBank branch.
Advice: Do NOT rent a cellphone in Japan. My cost for 2 weeks was around $425 CDN.(I needed a cellphone to contact all of my friends).
Here are some sites to help you plan your travel:
www.hyperdia.com train, bus and air plane travel
www.xe.com money exchange rates
www.japanrailpass.com info on Japan Railpass

All in all, $1800 per person would be sufficient if you do not use high-end luxury hotels.
By the way, meals do not cost $50. Food is actually quite cheap, especially the local specialties. Meals range in price from around $8 to $25. Packaged meals sold in 7-11s and AM/PMs are much cheaper, but still of good quality.

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