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What are some fun places to go with your boyfriend?

Q. Its his birthday and I am planning a trip for that weekend. Where are some fun places to go and things to do so that this can be a memorable yet sexy trip?

A. Most of people would go beach, travelling other countries, etc. Depending on your culture.

What things are permited when traveling with a baby by airplane?
Q. I am planning to go on a plane with my baby but i dont know what things I can take and cant. I dont want to take something and them tell me I cant.

A. See TSA website info for travelling with children below.

What career that require to travel overseas a lot and can get a lot of money ?
Q. I'm a student and I'm confuse about what career should I take for my future ! I want to travel all over the world and more important I could enjoy my life :) p/s hope you can give me a lot of suggestion !! Thanks !

A. the host of the travelling shows

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