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How can I find vacation destinations that have hemodialysis avaiable?

Q. My husband is on hemodialysis 3 times a week and we would like to find a vacation place somewhere in a warm climate where he can get good dialysis treatments without going far for the treatment.

A. Check this website. They are all about travelling on dialysis.

How do I bring my 12 month old daughters juice on an airplane?
Q. My 1 year old and I will be flying home for easter on Wednesday and I am not sure how to bring her juice on the plane with us. I have little 4oz bottles of juice that are not opened. Should I put them in a plastic bag in her diaper bag along, with an empty sippy cup, since the diaper bag is the only carry one I am bringing?

A. See site below for all info on travelling wth children.

What career can I study into that will make me travel frequently?
Q. What can I study that will make me travel around or work in the USA? I wana Do Medicine here in South Africa, but have the opportunity to Travel too! And get paid well. Any other option?

A. travel advisor

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