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Could you take me thru the process of taking a plane trip?

Q. Ok I'm 18 and need to take a trip from North Carolina to California and back. I've never flown before and i would like to know how everything should go, from the purchase of the tickets to landing in California.

And would i be able to bring a guitar?
How should i buy my ticket if i dont have a credit card?

A. first off yes you can bring a guitar .. but plan accordingly, you are only allowed to bring items of a certain size onto the plane, and I believe a guitar is too large. But some airlines may have special circumstances for Instruments, so call ahead and check with them.

I would suggest using yahoo travel, or a similar site to purchase your plane tickets .. yahoo travel caculates the prices of several different travel sites and gives you the best deal.

I would get there about 2 hours early .. since it's your first time you may want to get there 2 1/2 hours early so you know you have time for lines and getting lost in case ..

Make sure when you pack for the trip ..
Put everything possible in your bag to "check" (bag that will be stored under the plane) Though many airlines have a 50 lb limit, but you can use 2 bags per person, so just make sure if you are over the 50lb on your first bag, you distribute it into a second bag to avoid problems in the airport .. I suggest packing a small duffle bag in your checked bag to use in case you purchase anything while in california . .that way you have more storage space if needed.

You can carry on two bags as well .. they must be small though (they have to be able to be stored underneath the seat in front of you)
BE SURE that your carry on bag contains no liquids, even if this is a lotion, or any liquid based item. Any liquids that are in your carry on bag must be stored in a 3 oz or less container, then placed into a clear quart sized bag. Anything that does not fit into this bag will not be allowed on the plane. So sorry, throw away your soda or water bottle prior to going through security .. you can purchase a new one in the terminal though! otherwise don't worry, they serve free soda/water on the plane

When going through security you will see these little plastic buckets/trays .. place all of your items into these, items such as laptops or large electronics must be placed in a seperate tray.
Take off your shoes, belt buckle, or anything else containing possible metal and place it into a tray as well.
If you have a camera with film then have it looked over seperately, as the xray can ruin the film.
Be sure to have your ticket, and photo ID ready

After security make your way to your gate .. you will sit at your gate until your section of the plane is called, they usually begin boarding the plane about 30 minutes prior to take off. They will start by asking unaccompanied minors, handicapped, and first class ticket holders to board first .. then they will go for example rows 20-27.
Just listen for your row to be called, otherwise they have an "all remaining rows" call at the end, so don't worry about it too much!

After that, just make sure you have your carry on bags either tucked under the seat in front of you, or in the over head compartment.
You must turn off your phone prior to take off, and keep it off until after you land. (many phones have an "airplane mode", you can still keep it on that way, but you will have no signal)
You must also turn off other electronics such as your ipod, cd player, etc at this point (you'll be able to turn them back on once in the air, they will announce all of this)

After that just sit back and relax during the flight, there will be announcements as well as lights to let you know when you can and cannot walk about the plane/go to the bathroom
Bring some gum to chew, your ears will pop because of the pressure.
You may want to pack some snacks for the plane as well, because they often charge for a meal, and they aren't that great.

After the plane lands, expect about 15-25 minutes on the ground before they let you out of the plane . . they have to equalize the pressure in the cabin to the outside.

After getting off the plane you then must go to baggage claim .. it's usually downstairs and there will be signage .. just follow where the majority of people are going from your flight lol. That will probably lead the way.

It will take probably 15-45 minutes before your luggage begins to come out on the carosol .. you may want to put a tag, ribbon, or something to help you identify your luggage more easily - especially if you have the simple black rolling luggage.

After retreiving your luggage you are good to go!

Sorry I wrote you a novel! let me know if you have any other questions though :)

Have fun with it, it may seem a little scary at first .. but enjoy it (it's safer than driving on the highway btw) I loooove flying!

Do you have a debit card? If not, then go to either your bank and set up a checking account ...
Or you can go to the store (I believe walmart does it) and get a pre-paid debit card.

So find out how much the flight is, then go to the store and put that amount or w/e amount onto the card and use that to pay just like a credit card.

Otherwise you can see if they take money-orders (you can get those at the gas station usually .. it's like a dollar to get one) But i'm not sure if they take those . .

How much does it cost to go to the statue of liberty and where or how do I get tickets?
Q. I am going to NY, and I am planning on going to the statue of liberty but I don't know where to get the ticket's, and is there a ferry ride to get there? What are the fee's for the statue and museum?

A. http://www.nps.gov/STLI/index.htm

Fees (not including $3 crown, which is extra)
$12.00 - Ages 13+ - Day
$10.00- Seniors 62 and over - Day
$5.00- Children 4-12. - Day

Beginning at 10 a.m. (EST) on June 13, 2009, crown reservations may be made through the Statue Cruises Web site at
www.statuecruises.com or by phone at 877- LADY-TIX (877-523-9849). Crown tickets may be reserved up to 1 year in
advance. (Example: Tickets for travel on September 1, 2010 will become available on-line or by phone starting at 10:00
a.m. EDT on September 1, 2009).

Each customer may reserve a maximum of 4 tickets. Only one reservation is allowed during any 6 month period. Children
must be at least 4-feet tall. Names of all ticket users must be provided at the time of purchase to be printed on the tickets.
When presenting the tickets to access the Statue on Liberty Island, each ticket holder will be required to show photo ID
(except minors without ID) matching the name printed on the ticket.

Crown tickets must be picked up at the ticket office Will Call window (at either Liberty State Park embarkation site or
Castle Clinton in Manhattan) by the ticket purchaser. In order to pick up the tickets the purchaser must show photo ID
and the same credit card used to reserve the tickets. Crown tickets are for a specific date and time. The ticket will have the
time to enter the embarkation site security facility printed on the face.

Crown tickets cost $3 each. That cost will be combined with and in addition to reserved ferry tickets, which are $12 for
adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for children.

Ferry Service from New York: Purchase round-trip ferry tickets at Castle Clinton National Monument in Lower Manhattan. Ferries from New York operate on a loop, stopping first at Liberty Island and then at Ellis Island before returning to Battery Park, New York.

Can a person with an Indian passport travel from the USA to Canada?
Q. My cousin is visiting Seattle next week from India, and we were thinking of driving up to Vancouver for a day or two. She has a Visa for the US, but we don't know if they would allow her to go to Canada with that. Would it be ok or does she need an extra visa?

A. She will need an extra Canadian visa.

If you read the requirements of the Citizen and Immigration Canada Center at Seattle you will see that it is also possible to apply from the U.S.

You must provide proof of lawful temporary status in the United States.
If you are in the United States with temporary status, please provide:
- your US Non-Immigrant Visa, (whether it is in your current passport or an expired passport)
- the original I-94 card issued by US authorities at the time of your entry into the US
If you are in the United States with B1/B2 status, please provide:
- proof of ties to your country of usual residence.
This should include (but is not limited to):
⢠proof of intention to return to that country (e.g.: airline tickets, travel itineraries),
⢠proof of employment (e.g.: letter from employer, recent pay stubs, tax returns),
⢠proof of studies (transcripts, letter from school) and
⢠proof of funds (e.g.: bank records, property ownership documents).
http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/seattle/imm/visa_temp.aspx?lang=eng#REQUIREMENTSUS ..

Canadian Visa Offices in the United States are located at Buffalo, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.
http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions.asp ..

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