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What are some programs that enable you to be a foreign exchange student in Singapore?

Q. I'm interested in being a foreign exchange student to Singapore, but am unable to find any information on this. Is it even possible?

A. Sorry...I used the "Getting Started" tool on the website for the Council for Standards for International Educational Travel (csiet.org) and it listed no programs to go to Singapore from the USA.
CSIET routinely audits programs for quality. While it is possible that a good organization is not listed with them, it is less likely and I would advise doing more research on anyone that is not listed with them.
Good luck to you!!

How much would an open ended plane ticket to anywhere in the world cost around?
Q. Looking for a possible gift, what do I need to know?

A. you need to be in a city which is a travel hub to really get a direct ticket to "anywhere" in the world. that would be London, NY, LA, Tokyo, HK, Singapore, Shanghai, other european capitals.. in general.. furthest direct flight is usually about 20 hours.. which would be around 2500 euros depending on where you are.. hard to reach places like antartica, ends of south america, tips of archipelagos will require lotsa planning.. good luck!

How large is the number of Japanese tourists in China?
Q. Today in Beijing while coming down from the elevator I saw a family of a Japanese mother and daughter talking in their language. I've heard of Chinese tourists in Japan, but never vice versa.

Thank you!

A. Did you know that Japan is one of China's largest trading partners?

Table 7: China's Top Trade Partners, 2010 ($ billion)
Source: PRC General Administration of Customs, China's Customs Statistics
Rank Country/region Volume
1 United States 385.3
2 Japan 297.8
3 Hong Kong 230.6
4 South Korea 207.2
5 Taiwan 145.4
6 Germany 142.4
7 Australia 88.1
8 Malaysia 74.2
9 Brazil 62.5
10 India 61.8


Japan also is the leading nation in international visitors to China!
International Visitors to China: the top 10 (ranked by incoming country of origin):

Not surprisingly, the bulk of travelers to China are from the neighboring Asian countries.

1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Russia
4. USA
5. Malaysia
6. Singapore
7. Philippines
8. Mongolia
9. Australia
10. Thailand


In 2010, China conducted its official census and for the first time, foreigners were included in the count. In April 2011, the resulting information was released to the public:

"A total of 593,832 foreigners were living on the Chinese mainland at the end of 2010, data from the sixth national census released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday shows.

"The top three home countries of the foreigners were the Republic of Korea (ROK), the United States and Japan."


"Of all foreigners covered, 120750 were from the Republic of Korea, 71493 the United States, 66159 from Japan, 39776 from Myanmar, 36205 from Viet Nam, 19990 from Canada, 15087 from France, 15051 from India, 14446 from Germany, and 13286 from Australia. The remaining 181589 persons came from other countries."


In other words, there are many, many Japanese in China!

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